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Quail Ridge Rules


Parking Rules


Clubhouse parking is permitted between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. only. Parking in the Management-Only parking space is NOT permitted unless authorized by Curtis Management or a Board Member.

If you are parked in a Clubhouse parking space during the day and not participating in a scheduled event, your car will be subject to tow at your own expense, NO EXCEPTIONS.


Guests may park only in spaces marked as guest parking, unless specifically authorized by the resident in whose space they've parked.

Residents may not park in guest parking. Those who do will be subject to tow at their own expense.

Street parking is available on Mission Gate Drive for our residents and their guests, although some posted restrictions do apply in accordance with city ordinances.


If you are temporarily parked in a RED LINE ZONE while loading or unloading a vehicle, please turn on the emergency flashers and complete the loading or unloading of the vehicle as quickly and safely as possible.


Please keep these parking policies in mind at all times. During the holiday season both resident and guest parking may be in higher than usual demand.

Towing services are an unnecessary and costly personal expense and can be easily avoided by following proper parking procedures.

If a vehicle is towed please contact Western Towing.


Residents have a responsibility to keep their parking spaces clean and free of vehicle fluids, sawdust, kitty litter, dirt, and so forth.

Click Here for Parking Rules in Condensed Rules & Regulations

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Towing Rules


Before requesting a tow, please check the Parking Rules above to make sure the vehicle in question truly is in violation of the rules.

If you determine that you do need to request a tow - for example, if there is an unauthorized vehicle in your parking space - please contact Western Towing.

Bear in mind that you will be required by law to sign a release with the towing company authorizing the tow.

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Pet Rules


It has been brought to our attention that certain residents are not picking up their pet’s waste within our community. This creates an unpleasant and unhealthy environment for our residents and their pets.

Contrary to popular belief, pet waste is not a good fertilizer for the environment.

Pet owners who do not pick up after their animals are allowing harmful bacteria to enter the environment. Many animals, whether pet owners realize it or not, carry diseases spread by feces and can contaminate water-bodies used by aquatic life and humans.


What do the laws say about pet waste? It is illegal to leave your pet waste lying on the ground - you must pick up after your pet and dispose of their waste properly. Numerous pet stations and trash receptacles are available throughout the community for pet owners to safely and legally dispose of pet waste. Landlords, please pass this information onto your tenants who have pets.


Pets should never be left on porches or balconies, nor in garages at any time.

Click Here for Pet Rules in Condensed Rules & Regulations

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Pool Rules


Quail Ridge has two beautiful pool areas for our residents & their guests to use. Following the rules will help everyone enjoy them!

1. Pool hours are:

8:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. WEEKDAYS

8:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. WEEKENDS

2. The pool area is maintained for the use of Quail Ridge residents and their guests. Guests must be accompanied by a responsible homeowner or tenant. Any person within the enclosure may be required to demonstrate that they have rightful access to the pool area. If they cannot so demonstrate, they will be asked to leave.

3. No glass or breakable materials are permitted in the pool area

4. No unduly loud noise, including loud radios, is tolerated.

5. Due to the scientific evidence of the dangers of second-hand tobacco smoke and the offensive odor and nuisance created by vaping and marijuana smoke, smoking of tobacco or marijuana products and vaping of any kind are prohibited in the pool and spa area.

6. Rafts, inner tubes, boogie boards, and small objects that may get into the filter system are not allowed in the pool and spa

7. Skateboards, bicycles, skates, mopeds, etc., are not allowed in the pool area.

8. Since there is no lifeguard on duty, children under the age of 14 may not use the pool or spa areas without an adult in attendance. California Code of Regulations Title 22, §65539. Teenagers are not allowed to supervise younger children!

RULES FOR POOLS, continued

9. Incontinent persons must wear plastic pants if using the pool.

10. All garbage, including cigarettes and matches, must be placed in the proper containers.

11. No pets are allowed in the pool or spa area.

12. No running, pushing or roughhousing is allowed.

13. Showers are to be taken before entering the pools & spas.

14. Emergency switch by Jacuzzi is to be left on at all times.

15. Pool safety equipment is to be used for emergency purposes only.

16. Because of the expense of purchasing and maintaining the pool furniture, mishandling absolutely will not be tolerated. Any misuse should be reported immediately to the management company. Those who misuse or damage the pool furniture will be responsible for its repair or replacement.

17. Allowing access to the pool facilities to anyone other than your own guests may affect a hearing before the board of directors resulting in the suspension of your pool privileges for a period of one month.

Remember, the pool area is solely for residents that have keys, and the guests they are accompanying.

Click Here for Pool Rules in Condensed Rules & Regulations

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Trash Rules


So let's keep it that way! Some residents are not placing their trash inside the receptacles. Instead of placing items in the trash they are leaving it on the ground, creating an unhealthy environment that attracts rodents and other wild animals. It is also aesthetically offensive and creates an unpleasant living environment for everyone in the community.

Help keep Quail Ridge beautiful. Be responsible, and place your trash and recycling material inside the appropriate receptacles. Should a dumpster be at full capacity, please take your trash to the next closest dumpster.


When a receptacle is full, placing your trash on the ground by the receptacle results in an extra fee to the Association - every time.

Similarly, if you have a large item to dispose of - such as a mattress or couch - make sure you call Curtis Management to arrange a pickup. Simply leaving the item by the trash receptacles will result in an extra fee.

And who pays those extra fees? You do! So to help keep your assessments low, always place trash inside the receptacles, using the next closest dumpster if need be. Also, please make sure you call for a pickup of any large items.

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Barbecue Rules


Did you know that the Oceanside Fire Department mandates that charcoal burners and other open-flame cooking devices (e.g. barbecues) may not be operated on combustible balconies or within 10 feet of combustible construction?  There are very few exceptions to this rule.

To check out Oceanside's Standards for Open Flame Devices and get the full story, click on the document thumbnail.

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Paint Color Schemes


Then you'll need the right Quail Ridge Paint Color Schemes document to know exactly what colors to use!

There are two basic documents, one for the Triana Series - the upper level, phase 5 homes - and one for the Mission Series - the lower level, phase 1-4 homes.


For the Triana Series there is only one color scheme, so simply click on the Triana document thumbnail & you're done.

For the Mission Series there are multiple color schemes, so click on the Mission document thumbnail and find your unit on the maps provided. Then note the color scheme number - 1, 2, or 3 - and select the paint codes from that color scheme. Easy as pie!

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Drone Rules


In June of 2018 the Quail Ridge Homeowners Association approved the following addition to our Rules & Regulations (Pg. 28) as regards drones:

1.  A “drone” is defined as an unmanned aircraft without a human pilot on board, including model airplanes, helicopters and similar aircraft.

2.  No resident, guest, or invitee may enter into the airspace of another resident’s Unit with a drone.

RULE ADDITION, continued

3.  No resident, guest or invitee may operate or authorize the operation of a drone in the airspace above any portion of the Community in such a way as to invade the privacy of Association members, guests, residents or vendors, whether equipped with a camera or otherwise.

4.  No resident, guest or invitee may operate or authorize the operation of a drone in the airspace above any portion of the Common Area.

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